Statesmen Athletics

Marshall High School

Statesmen Athletics

Marshall High School

Statesmen Athletics

Marshall High School

Boys Lacrosse Conference Champions 


Baseball Conference Champions 


Softball Conference Champions 


2017 Girls Lacrosse Conference Champions 






2017 GCM Athletic Signing Day 




Coach Whittington and Amelia Ely 


Coach Gibbons and Girls Lacrosse Representing!! 


Coach Hale and the Twin Towers 






Coach Forshay with Sita and Christina 


Football Representing 






Girls Soccer teaming up with the Best Buddies Squad 


Best Buddies Soccer Clinic-Thanks Girls Soccer 


2017 GCM Powerlifters 


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Varsity Boys Soccer 


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JV Boys Baseball 


Varsity Girls Tennis 


Varsity Boys Tennis 


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Varsity Softball 


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JV Girls Soccer 


Varsity Girls Soccer 


Varsity Girls Lacrosse 


JV Girls Lacrosse 


Boys Varsity Baseball

1 month ago

Marshall Baseball Camps are age-appropriate instructional camps with a focus on the fundamental components of hitting, throwing, pitching, and fielding.  At younger ages the focus is pr...

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Girls Varsity Tennis

2 months ago

Reilly Tran - 8-0 Ashley Fitz-Patrick 8-0 Nattie Koludrovic - 8-0 Priya Trehan - 8-0 Regina Guerrero - 8-0 Aashna Peddinti - 8-0 Reilly/Ashley - 8-0 Nattie/Priya - 8-0 Gra...

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